At Calfinn we are fixated on providing our customers with the best quality trolley jacks and pride ourselves on servicing industries like the automotive, mechanical, crash repair, refinishing, tyre fitting, towing and many more that require the best quality trolley jack to get the job done. At Calfinn we like to see that anyone who chooses us is able to benefit from our range of trolley jacks whether it is our workshop trolley jacks, high capacity trolley jacks or our high lift trolley jacks. With the 1500kg workshop trolley jacks we stock that are produced by Compac, our customers enjoy the reliability of these trolley jacks and the slim low profiles that they offer and would allow the user to jack up an item with a low height base such as a vehicle. If you require that extra bit of grunt from a trolley jack our range of high capacity trolley jacks offered in a 4000gk or 7500kg variant could be the answer you’re looking for. With saddle heights sitting as low as 130mm you can benefit from that extra capacity while enjoying a relatively low profile to the ground. If you’re after that extra bit of clearance from the ground, then you may want to opt for the high lift trolley jack we have on offer. The high capacity trolley jack produced by compact is custom designed to cater to a more heavier vehicle that stands higher off the ground, which may include vehicles like a larger truck or can also be suited to vehicles in the agriculture and mining industries. By offering various air hydraulic lift jacks there’s reason we have returning customers for their next hydraulic trolleys jacks purchase.

How to Buy the Right Trolley Jack?

At Calfinn we are passionate about ensuring our clients get the right advice before parting with hard earned money and purchasing the next bit of equipment that they plan on using for their operations for the years to come. We are often approached by our valued customers about what considerations they would make before investing in their first or next trolley track. Initially, the business or individual really need to consider the scope of what the plan on using the trolley jack for. More often than not, we find the customers who purchase a trolley jack from us are typically using them for everyday motor vehicles. Once you’re able to identify how you plan to use the trolley jack the next consideration is how much capacity do you require the trolley jack to be able to lift. Each trolley jack will offer a weight rating and you should consider how much the item or vehicle weights when selecting which trolley jack you choose. An important consideration is to never purchase a trolley jack with a weight rating that is below the weight of the item you plan on jacking up as this could lead to major safety concerns.

Why Choose Calfinn?

As a privately owned business with a focus on delivering the best products to our customers across various industries, we believe in offering the latest and most innovative products available while also still offering all of our customers that good old fashioned service that everyone enjoys. Our offering and being in operation for almost three decades is our testimony to why we believe we are doing something right. As an ongoing commitment to our customers we continue to strive to be the best in the field when it comes to supplying professionals throughout all of Australia with the best quality products that are personally vetted by our purchasing team. We focus our sourcing products that offer only the highest quality, are long lasting and offer safety and durability. By purchasing through us you enjoy the comfort of knowing we have personally assessed and researched the product before we have put it on our shelves to be sold to you. By choosing to shop with Calfinn you enjoy the benefits of finding well-known brands being stocked including Compac Hydraulik, and Serenco Nederland along with various other high end brands. The products you can expect to find at our store include trolley jacks, gearbox jacks, hydraulic presses, crash repair kits, gojak’s and spring compressors. If you’re after the best possible products available in todays marketplace in this space, look no further than Calfinn for not only the most reliable products but service too.