As a supplier for all types of jacks, at Calfinn we feel strongly about supplying anyone who needs one of the best quality jacks accessible on the market. As part of our trolley jack offering, we stock and supply transmission jacks and have two on offer in our range manufactured by Compac. At Calfinn we like to see that all workshops are undertaking the best safety practice and by opting for a quality transmission jack you can help you and your staff avoid serious injury. Although you might be under pressure to get a job done for a customer, you should never compromise on the safety of yourself and your staff which is where a transmission jack comes into play. Let our transmission jacks do all the heavy lifting for you. Furthermore with our transmission jacks you will find they’re quite versatile in that you can use this particular jack to help you hoist up not only transmissions but also exhaust components, steering and suspension parts and fuel tanks. This means that for future jobs you can put less strain on yourself and staff and let the trolley jack do more of the hard work for you, which means you can focus more of your time and energy on the repair itself rather than having to focus on lifting heavy vehicle parts amongst a major repair in your workshop. Whether you’re in the space for a trolley jack, whether it is a hydraulic trolley jack, air trolley jack or our transmission jacks, Calfinn has you covered for all of your needs.

Air Hydraulic Jacks For You

At Calfinn we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality air hydraulic jacks and are continually striving to best service all industries like the automotive, mechanical, crash repair, refinishing, tyre fitting, towing and many more that require the best quality air hydraulic trolley jack to make the lives of workers in the industry easier and assist in minimising injuries that can be avoided through the use of a range of jacks. At Calfinn we like to see that anyone who chooses us is able to benefit from our range of air hydraulic trolley jacks on offer. The range of air hydraulic jacks we offer in our range are manufactured by Compac and are offered in three individual variants with their own respective specifications and are designed for different uses. The CJ A28-HC air hydraulic trolley jack that forms part of our range is positioned as a single stage 28 Tonne high lift trolley jack that offers a large lift height of 580mm which is designed to cater for the agricultural market and also an ideal solution to lifting truck trailers. The next hydraulic lift jack in our range is the A5816-C which provides a low profile for ease of under vehicle entry heights of only 120mm and provides a lifting capacity of 58t/32t/16tonne across three stages. This particular air hydraulic jack is more catered to buses and other large vehicles that have minimal ground to load point clearance. Finally, the third air hydraulic jack in our range is the A4020-C which is a two stage 40/20 tonne jack provides full convenience of an under vehicle entry height of 150mm and is beautifully suited for jacking up the typical modern day trucks and trailers that you will often see on the roads.

Air Bag Jacks When You Need Them

With trolley jacks, transmission jacks and air hydraulic jacks on offer at Calfinn, we believe our offering just would not be complete without supplying and stocking the best quality air bag jacks. With various air bag jacks on offer, you will not be disappointed visiting our store and viewing our range. For any of your air bag jack requirements, Calfinn will have you covered, and if we don’t have the solution you’re after, we’re more than happy to discuss further with you to see how we can service your needs. Air bag jacks are a serious piece of kit as they are often used in emergencies to jack up a heavy piece of machinery, equipment or vehicles. It’s often seen that using an air bag jack is the quickest way an item can be jacked up. Should you wish to discuss our air jacks on offer in more details, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for a further discussion on how they can assist with your requirements.