If you want to be able to conduct basic car maintenance at home and in your garage, a hydraulic trolley jack really is a necessity. Choosing and purchasing a hydraulic trolley jack will mean you have a handy tool at home whenever you need to carry out work on your car. A trolley jack will take the brunt of the strain if you need to lift your car to replace a tyre or change the oil in the vehicle. When you need to get your vehicle lifted, it’s not worth causing pain and discomfort by struggling with a traditional jack. Hydraulic lifters are the best way to lift and hold up a vehicle, keeping you safe while you work. Hydraulic trolley jacks are also really helpful if you get a flat while travelling. They come in a range of sizes that make it easy to get one which will fit in your car boot. For some families it is a rite of passage showing their teenagers how to safely use a jack and change a flat tyre. A lot of parents like to buy a hydraulic jack for their teenage drivers to know they are heading out on to the road with a useful tool they will need if they get a flat. If you have a vehicle, there really is no excuse for not having a jack on hand at home or stored in your vehicle. Jacks are easy to move around in the garage and can be neatly put away out of sight.

Considerations When Choosing a Jack

There are a few decisions to be made when it comes to choosing a trolley jack. The first thing to confirm is that your preferred jack is suitable for your make and model of car. Some jacks are unable to be used on cars which are very low. Then you need to think about the required overall lifting capacity of your jack. Basic hydraulic jacks will lift one and a half tonnes but you can get jacks that lift up to fifty eight tonnes. You also need to consider how high you need the trolley jack to be able to lift. An average lift height is between six inches and a foot. Handle length is another consideration. The longer the handle on the jack, the easier and more comfortable you will find it to use. A longer handle jack may suit older people and people with less strength and mobility. The size of the casters in the jack also impacts its ease of use. The wider the caster the easier it is to move the jack around. Pedals and hydraulics are other features that can make lifting easier. It might be worth asking for a demonstration of how the jack works before you make a purchase.

The Advantages of Buying a Trolley Jack

Buying your own trolley jack is a wonderful investment. Your trolley jack will be worth the weight it can lift in that it will help you have safe access to the underneath of your car. Trolley jacks also save the day when you need to change a flat tyre. Trolley jacks are simple to use- and you don't need to have huge strength to be able to use them. Just slide it under your vehicle then set it to lift by pumping the handle socket. When you are finished simply release the pressure from the cylinder which will lower the vehicle safely for you. You will be able to select the track that best suits you, to be able to lift the weight of your vehicle, which can be stored in your vehicle and is best for your garage or shed. Because of their wheels and casters, trolley jacks are easy to manoeuvre to get in just the right spot under your car, a task which is not so easy for other types of jacks such as scissors and bottle jacks. Jacks are available for cars and heavier vehicles such as vans and trucks. They are easy to keep clean and are more affordable than some other garage accessories. And you can guarantee you will get good use out of a jack over the course of its lifetime.