If you are looking in the market to buy a trolley jack, you are in luck. This post clarifies some of the essential tips to help you know what type of product you need.

In the market, you will find so many types of trolley jack brands. It can get confusing when you have to make a decision. However, buying a good product won't be a problem if you have some important information.

Trolley jacks are quite expensive, so you should make the right decision the first time you buy one of them. Of course, many of the products you will find online have descriptions by the side, but that information is not exhaustive.

To help you find the best trolley jack for your needs, please read the tips we have provided below;

Determine the Maximum Capacity you Lift Daily

If you need the machine for use in a mechanic workshop, retail store, or construction site, you should know the maximum capacity to be lifted often while you work.

The capacity rating for many of these products starts from 1.5 tonnes, 2.5 tonnes, and higher capacities. These ratings are indicated on the trolley jack or its packaging. If you cannot find the maximum capacity rating, please contact the customer support unit for the online store.

Here’s a good tip, it’s always best to buy one of these hydraulic jacks that can perform more than you need. For example, if your job requires lifting 1.5 tons often, you should go for a trolley jack with a 2.5-ton capacity.

Find out the Trolley Jack Lifting Range

The lifting range determines the type of tasks you can handle with the product. It’s similar to air hydraulic jack systems. You can find machines that have a lifting range that falls between 160mm to 560mm. You can also find lifting range values between 150mm and 525mm. In the end, the choice will depend on what you need to do with the machine.

Observe the Trolley Jack Operating System

Some products are foot-operated. It’s a convenient feature that is easy to use. You can also find low entry trolley jacks that are more portable and can lift equipment with a low clearance space from the ground level.

Also, depending on your regular activities, you may consider buying a hydraulic jack with the axle stands or other brands that feature balanced rollers. It’s easier to move the models with rollers from one location to another. The models also feature ergonomic handles, which are super convenient to use.

Overall, the best tip is to follow professional advice. We can help you decide on the most suitable trolley jack for your job. Our online store on the website features some of the best air hydraulic jacks on the market. We are certain you will find what you need there.

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to send us a message on the site. We are always ready to help.