At Calfinn we have an obsession when it comes to supplying our customers with the best possible quality trolley jacks and we take great pride on servicing industries such as automotive, mechanical, crash repair, refinishing, tyre fitting, towing and many more that require premium quality trolley jacks to carry out the job at hand. Customers who choose to shop at Calfinn for their workshop trolley jack needs are able to enjoy receiving comfort in knowing that we vet the product before going ahead and supplying it at our shop. Moreover, customers that choose Calfinn also benefit from the range of trolley jacks on offer. In particular, our workshop trolley jack range includes 1,500kg standard trolley jack that is manufactured by Compac and boasts a three year warranty as standard. With a minimum height of 80mm and a maximum height of 500mm with a chassis length of 730mm and weight of 32Kg allows for this particular workshop trolley to be suitable for mechanical workshops, tyre shops and mobile mechanics. Further to our range of workshop trolley jacks is the 1,500kg low profile workshop trolley jack which has been favoured by various professionals in the automotive workshop space due to the lower than usual profile with a maximum height of 126mm when compared to a typical trolley jack that would likely extend up to 160mm. This trolley jack has been known to be ideal for race cars that tend to sit closer to the ground than a conventional vehicle.

High Capacity Jacks

At Calfinn we like to ensure we’re able to service as wide a range of industries as possible. From lower capacity and profile trolley jacks we also supply more heavy-duty high capacity jacks to service additional industries and professions and their workshops. If you’re operating in the space of larger vehicles or machinery and require extra grunt from a trolley jack, our carefully selected range of premium-quality, high capacity trolley jacks are accessible in a 4000kg, 7500kg through to 10,000kg variants. Within our range of high capacity jacks on offer we have trolley jacks with saddles that sit as low as 130mm. This means that you can receive all the benefits of a trolley jack with a low profile while also benefiting from the additional capacity offered by our high capacity trolley jacks on offer. The high capacity trolley jack produced by Compac is custom designed to cater to a more heavier vehicle that stands higher off the ground, which may include vehicles like a larger truck or can also be suited to vehicles in the agriculture and mining industries. With the extensive range of trolley jacks on offer including our high capacity jacks, our customers choose us for the wide range, as no matter what industry or space you operate in, we’re sure to have the right sized trolley jack to suit your needs.

Low Profile Jacks

As a supplier for all types of jacks, at Calfinn we are devoted to providing our customers with the right trolley jack for the job. Forming part of our hydraulic trolley jack offering includes our range of low profile trolley jacks. Within our range of low profile jacks are three individual jacks that are all manufactured by Compac who produce premium quality trolley jacks with three year warranty. The range of low profile jacks that you will find on offer at Calfinn range from a 4000kg high capacity, yet low profile jack that is suited towards smaller trucks, camper vans and minibuses and boasts a low saddle height of only 130mm and a maximum height of just 200mm for lower level access as needed. Further to our low profile trolley jack offering a mid capacity 7,500kg low profile trolley jack that is positioned towards more modern trucks and buses with a maximum saddle height of 225mm. If you’re chasing an ultra low profile solution, our 1,500kg low profile trolley jack can reach as low as 77mm with a maximum height of 126mm and is catering towards regular passenger vehicles but allows for entry from just about any angle of the vehicle, whether it’s the front, back or to reach beneath the vehicle side skirt or bumpers. For all types of trolley jacks, see Calfinn as we are renowned in the industry.